You can’t learn it from a book, audio, or computer program

I would like to compliment you and tell you that this program is by far the best thing available on the net, in book form, audio programs, computer programs, and online courses. Thanks for creating such a great program.

Jim Young, Professor of English, Weber State University


Why take online versus a live class?

I was thoroughly impressed by your website and your online course. I couldn’t believe that I paid money for three other speed-reading course materials. The narration made it feel like I am actually in a class room taking a lecture.

Daniel Soonghyun Lee, student


Who’s going to guide your learning?

Thanks for the check-in.

I’ve finished the first part of the course (Reading mechanics). At the moment I’m just practicing the techniques I’ve learned there. I’m improving all the time and it really comes in handy with all the e-mail and technical material I’ve got to get through in a day.
I’m also quite amazed at how much more I enjoy fiction now, especially because I don’t struggle through it as much as before.
I’m itching to go on with the rest of the course…much thanks and apologies for your extra effort, you rock

Sheila Kendricks, IT manager


I want to thank you for all the time and effort you have put into guiding me personally through this new, awkward process. Your insights and perspectives were always just what I needed to work through those certain sticky areas, and your encouragements did just that–they helped to keep aflame my motivation when frustration tempted to lead to despair.

Thanks for being a great teacher.
John Rosenbaum, Modesto Junior College