The Dynamics of Effective Study, Depth and Technical Reading


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If you take coursework this program is a must. If you’re not in an academic program, you probably have lots of tough reading to do for your work, not to mention technical reading. This program unlocks the secrets of efficient and effective approaches to studying.

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Who should take this program:


College students, graduate students, part-time adult continuing-education students, as well as working people who have lots of in-depth reading including
analytic, technical and scientific reading.


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Here is some of what is included:
Pre & Post Tests
Assess your preferred learning style
How to overcome the limitations of your preferred style
How to capture information from long documents to make effective notes
How to build powerful visual notes for better learning and recall
How to assess a document to determine your approach
How to use a multi-step bullet proof system to read, comprehend and recall the information you need to remember
How to critically think about the texts you are sudying
How to get control of the physical and mental factors that research has shown to enhance studying
How to test your own comprehension
How to generate 12 powerful essential questions
Dealing with technical reports
Reading scientific articles
The 5 Step Process of mastering any text

If you are easily intimidated by hard reading, this course is essential to your success. Developing efficient and effective methods to attack the hard stuff is critical to working successfully in today’s complex work environment.

There’s no need now not to read the “hard stuff.” You can learn to master any kind of material.

Total course time: approx. 2-3 hours. Includes 45 minute guided study session.

45 Day subscription period allows you review and build your mastery.

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