ATTENTION: Career Transitioners, College Students, Graduate Students, Returning Students, and all Working Adults who are suffering from information overload in the digital age:

Do you struggle to keep up with your daily inbox? Would you like to increase your daily productivity? Are you looking for a new way to get ahead and stay there?

ProductivElearn's Dynamic Speed Reading courses will show you how, and
so much more.

This revolutionary step-by-step accelerated learning program will teach you to confidently read and master any kind of information, complete with individualized guidance and coaching designed to ensure your personal success.

You will read 2-4 times faster – with better comprehension and recall – guaranteed!

Why you need to learn to read differently, right now:

Fact – Every day that you delay changing your old, inefficient behavior regarding reading and information, you put yourself farther behind and become less employable.

Fact – Even if you are in school or training, you will retain less than 20 percent of what you learn, and that 20 percent will become obsolete within two years.

Fact – You are reading with the same set of outdated skills that were designed for 19th century readers, and that reinforces the problem. Luckily, there's a solution!

Introducing the Dynamic Speed Reading Program

Our unique online program will guide you step-by-step through proven methods to radically change the way you approach and absorb new information. Not only will you fly through text automatically, but our in-depth exclusive approach to comprehension will give you absolute confidence in the speed you have gained.

Most other programs don't focus on the comprehension process, but what good is racing through material at breakneck speed if you don't understand what you're looking at?

Best of all, you will have a real live expert coach to give you personalized feedback, guidance, individual tips and encouragement as you make the behavioral transition you need to master our program

Just a few of the new skills you'll acquire:

Effortlessly move through reading material

Increase efficiency

Improve your memory

Eliminate mind wandering

Master technical and study materials

Enjoy reading more

Use our proven note-making system

You get all of this for only $247 $197.
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With our approach to industry magazines, journals and e-reading, you'll be miles ahead of your peers and able to give creative ideas that others haven't seen yet. You might even become promotable! Time is money. If you spend four hours a day reading (the average for most office workers), you'll free up at least two hours that you can spend doing something else. If your hourly wage is $15/hour, you'll save at least $7.50 per hour reading for work. If your salary is $100/hour, you could save up to $75/hour doing work-related reading.

By learning our easily repeatable system, you'll avoid being just a "cog in the machine" due to lack of information, and can begin to excel professionally. Imagine being the only person in the room with a new idea or solution because you are prepared and have done your reading. We can help make this your new reality.

When you become better informed, people will seek you out for your knowledge. You'll be able to set yourself ahead of the pack and colleagues and employers will take notice!

With the 14 hours of instructional time we offer, you'll have the most in-depth speed reading training available outside of a classroom. You'll learn not only the mechanics of rapid reading, but also an exclusive approach to comprehension that will enable you to actually know how much you know about anything you read. No other program covers the comprehension process like ours.

Here's how it works:

You will get a 60-day subscription period allowing you unlimited access to our online Dynamic Speed Reading course and testing area, and personalized coaching from a master teacher. After taking a pretest evaluating your reading speed and comprehension, you'll complete the 10-module course at your own pace and in your own time. You'll receive insightful assessments throughout the course and a qualified instructor will review your progress and give you personalized feedback.

Key course topics include:

The differences between traditional reading methods, speed reading, and the Dynamic Speed Reading ProgramIf you are currently reading less than 600 words per minute, you are reading in the traditional linear fashion which is at the root of your old inefficient habits.

The 4 Keys of supersonic reading These are the brain's natural way of seeing and perceiving. However, an untrained traditional reader does not use them when reading because of ingrained early reading habits. We'll demonstrate them for you so that you can build on them and break the 600 words per minute barrier. You'll be able to read most texts in the thousands of words per minute range, with good comprehension.

7 Mechanical Techniques – Since your eyes are essentially cameras to your brain, these techniques help move those cameras through text more efficiently whether you are reading print or electronic text. The variety of techniques will enable you to adjust your approach according to the type of material and your reading purpose, allowing for more flexibility in your reading.

Visual assurance – Traditional reading is a four-step process of see-say-hear-know. Visual assurance allows you to eliminate the middle 2 steps, enabling you to read beyond the speed of sub-vocalization.

Special strategies for thinking, reading and memory – Reading is a thinking skill, and thinking takes time. But we show you how to jump start your brain to think more quickly as your eyes move through the text. And, when you need to recall something you read, we'll show you how can you create and locate that memory.

The 4 stages and levels of comprehension – and how to apply them to your daily reading needs. Not all text requires the same approach and level of comprehension. When you learn how to set your purpose, you'll save incredible amounts of time applying this principle. You'll get step by step outlines on how to apply the methods in various types of reading tasks.

How to attack organized and disorganized text – Again, our exclusive comprehension process will show you how to use the brain's natural organizing tendencies to better understand and recall information.

Creating memory with visual patterns – We'll show you how to tap into the brain's natural capacity of using visual organization to remember the information you need long term.

Environmental factors that affect efficient study – When you need to master the tough stuff long term, we'll give you the best tips from neurological research on controlling the environment for most efficient learning.

Mastering any subject with our 5 Step A.D.U.L.T. study method – Again, tapping into neurological research, we identify the key cognitive factors for efficient study and learning so that your learning sessions can achieve the highest efficiency and efficacy levels.

How and why we can make you this promise:

At this point, you may want to know, "Why should I buy from" Because we personally understand the frustration and setbacks of information overload. We sought and found a solution to share with the world!

By enrolling in our program, you guarantee your own results because of our double guarantee. We promise to at least double your reading efficiency as well as your satisfaction. In other approaches, you don't have the benefit of individualized learning from real experts; they will just ship you a program and the rest is up to you. Our philosophy is different here, we want to make sure you succeed! Our interactive, online Dynamic Speed Reading Program and professional support is tailored to you and your needs. If you've seen the rest, now is the time to buy the best!

We have trained tens of thousands of learners, including:






Assembly Workers


Students from High School to Post Graduate School


We know how to make learning to speed read online work for you. How can we make this claim? We've been doing it for over 30 years! Our clients average a reading efficiency gain of 500 percent. Their average comprehension gain is 15 percent.

Ed Caldwell, founder of ProductivElearn, tells his story:

"I experienced information overload initially as an undergraduate student. I failed four out of five academic subjects my first semester. I continued the struggle for seven long years as a full and part-time student, before finally getting my bachelor's degree.

Upon entering graduate school, I was intimidated by the rigors and time required to successfully attain my master's degree. I subsequently enrolled in a program that promised to teach me speed reading. After four furious days, I asked the instructor what to do. He merely replied, "Don't ask, just do what you learned." So, I followed the advice. About six weeks into the program, I noticed that all of a sudden I began to perceive the information differently. I was learning more efficiently. Intrigued, I spent a good deal of my graduate education studying the learning process. I got better and better. I completed my graduate program Summa Cum Laude from Columbia University, quite a difference from my undergraduate days! The difference was that I had learned how to learn. I took a part-time job with a speed reading company. A few years later, I became the National Director of Training and Instruction for the world famous Evelyn Wood Program, responsible for revamping and improving the teaching methods and certification of instructors. Over the past 30 years, my team and I have been researching and developing methods to help adults learn how to learn, and have been experimenting and improving upon them in our classrooms around the world, with proven results."

When you sign up today, you will receive:

14 hours of audio, text, exercises and tests

Exclusive one-on-one coaching from a master instructor

Your own database that records your progress where you can report on your offline practice results that your instructor can review to discuss your progress and make recommendations if needed

7 Simulation Trainings for the mechanical techniques to help you learn visual dimensional reading

24 Comprehension Tests

45 Days of unlimited access and coaching

12 Skill Building Drills

24/7 access from any computer connected to the Internet

A Structured Week-by-Week Study Guide

The exclusive TOL technique to help you balance speed and comprehension you will not find
anywhere else.

And much, much more!

You get all of this for only $247 $197.
(Single Payment)

Enroll Now with 3 payment plan
($75 per month)

But there's more! If you act now, you will also receive these instant bonuses that will boost
your study skills and mastery:

Bonus 1: The Power of Concentration, by Theron Q. Dumont, E-book

A 138-page e-book that makes a terrific practice book chock full of great information and techniques on how to concentrate.

Real Value: $ 29.95

Bonus 2: Follow-Up Audio Program

Contains helpful information on extending your skills, practice drills, and includes a 45-minute practice "study session" that will guide you through our study method and quiet your mind with its soothing background music.

Real Value: $ 29.95

Bonus 3: Personalized Coaching

These bonuses have a total value of over $200, yours free when you act now!

Real Value: $ 150 per hour

You have nothing to lose because you can take a full 60 days to put us to the test. If the program isn't everything we say it is and more, just contact us for a full and complete refund – no questions asked.

As you can see, all the risk is squarely on our shoulders, so make the commitment to your own achievement now.

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Sign up today. Don't wait, because if you do, you'll miss out on all the great bonuses we're offering!

Welcome to the program with proven instruction and encouragement from people who care about your progress. If you're truly committed to being a better, faster reader, and want to overcome your information overload with a proven program from people who want you to reach your goals, then sign up today. Your success is guaranteed!

You get all of this for only $247 $197.
(Single Payment)

Enroll Now with 3 payment plan
($75 per month)

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