Dynamic Speed Reading Basics Online Course

Imagine… You Can Read 2 – 4 Times Faster In Just 60 Days!

Dynamic Speed Reading Basics Online Program

Dive into our lower cost version of mastering information overload. Developed for those who want a shorter course with solid results, and quick return on their skill development.

In this course you will:

Learn to read 2-4 times faster
Learn a Flexible Reading Comprehension System
Learn to get the comprehension you need
Use special strategies for thinking and reading
Use a Whole Brain Approach to reading
Remember more of what your read
Be able to test yourself as you progress
Get support as you need

Special Introductory Price: $57.00


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Ed Caldwell, M. ED

Expert Brain Trainer and Author

A graduate of Columbia University, Ed has spent 30 years developing and training tens of thousands of people from all walks of life, and all levels within corporations to use more of their brain power through accelerated learning techniques, advanced information processing skills, critical thinking, communication skills, and developing their own unique creative process.

Read 2 – 4 times Faster!

Often from using the very first technique
you will double your reading speed with no loss of comprehension.
After a few practice and drill sessions that guide you while online,
you’ll start to see even better results! The only way to not succeed
is if you do nothing.

Comprehend Better!

Using our exclusive comprehension methods
you will be able to better understand any material you want. No one
teaches you the depth and the secrets of better comprehension as we
do. The system works as you work the system.

Eliminate Mind Wandering Forever!

After a few practice sessions using your new
physical and cognitive comprehension skills, mind wandering will be
a thing of the past. You will always know what you have understood
about the material and when you are concentrating and when you are
not, and how to get your focus back.

Remember More of What You Read

Using the Dynamic Reading method, you will
naturally remember more of what you read. After all, isn’t that what
you want to do with your time instead of needing to re-read over and
over again? These methods are proven to give you better results
because you are engaging both the right and left hemispheres of your
brain. As a result, more neural pathways and connections are
naturally created.

Save Time!

As you develop your skills and become more
skilled you will easily be able to read a book in one sitting if you
like. Alternatively, you will be able to go into any material and
get what you need, and then move on to do other things, if that is
your goal.

Get Personalized Online
Assistance Any Time

Most other programs will load you up with
videos, cds, or books. Where do you go for help? That’s the beuaty
with our online course. Using the exclusine Student Data Center, you
can enter your comments or questions and get the help you need from
a trained expert. Just send a message to us.

No books to ship

No CDs to mess with

No downloads to worry about

Just login from any computer with Interent access!

We can view your results, and guide
you as needed. Why let another program’s materials sit on the shelf
and collect dust?

See Yourself Progress!

The program is loaded with speed and comprehension tests.

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Here’s how the program works:

You will have a 60-day subscription period giving you unlimited access to our online course and testing area. After taking a pre-test evaluating your reading speed and comprehension, you’ll complete the course at your own pace and in your own time.

After you login for the first time, we will send you an
invitation to subscribe to our free support messages that
will be sent once a week to your inbox. Included in the
program are various practice sessions with powerful skill
building drills.

Additionally, you’ll find fascinating assessments throughout
the course and a qualified instructor will review your
progress and give you personalized feedback if you request.

With Our
Money-Back Guarantee

You’ve Got Absolutely Nothing to Lose!

If after completing this program, you feel your reading speed hasn’t doubled, we’ll refund your entire purchase price no questions asked!

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Master The Information

Start Now!

As soon as you enroll, you’ll
receive an e-mail with your personal course pass code and details on
how to quickly access your course. You’ll be able to get online and
master the art of reading faster with more comprehension than you
ever thought possible!

Happy Learning,

Ed Caldwell