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Too much reading?

Not enough time? Intimidated by your piles? Forget what you just spent time reading?

You can learn to get control of your brain, mind, reading, and learning!

Go Beyond Speed Reading to

Dynamic Reading & Learning Masters Program!

Yes, you will learn to read faster!

“It’s not how fast you can move your eyes, it’s how fast your mind can process the information!!!”

Learn the Secrets to Comprehension at High Speeds in this unique mind expanding program with proven results.


Here’s Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You’ll Learn To Do…
  • How to prepare your mind for a “tough” read
  • How to Jumpstart your mind to respond at high speeds
  • How to adjust your approach based on your learning style
    and purpose
  • Comprehend better – Secrets you find anywhere about the
    truth of comprehension vs speed
  • Read up to twenty times faster
  • Move through reading material effortlessly
  • Comprehend better
  • Read up to twenty times faster
  • Move through reading material effortlessly
  • Save time
  • Build better recall
  • Improve your memory
  • Get more done
  • Eliminate mind wandering
  • Master technical and study materials
  • Enjoy your reading more
  • Use our proven note-making system
  • With our approach to industry magazines, journals,e-reading, you’ll be ahead of your peers able to give creative ideas that others haven’t gotten yet. You might even become promotable!
  • Time is money. If your hourly wage is $15/hour, you’llsave at least $7.50 per hour reading for work. If your salary is $100/hour, you could save up to $75/hour doing work related reading.
  • If you spend 4 hours a day reading (average for most office workers), you’ll free up at least 2 hours that you can spend doing something else.
  • All behavioral change is frustrating and hard. In the midst of learning a complex set of skills, like dynamic speed reading, you will have access to someone (your coach) who really cares about your success to guide you through any rough periods.
  • By learning an easily repeatable system, you’ll be able to avoid being the “cog in the wheel” who is not on top of things because you couldn’t get to the reading. Or, you maybe, you’ll be the only person in the room with the information or idea because you are prepared, you’ve done your reading. Think of those you know who had the right information at the right time. They didn’t get fired.
  • After completing our program, you’ll never fear learning any subject. You’ll have the confidence and skills to be able to learn any subject.
  • Surprisingly, you’ll find yourself enjoying reading more and develop a key ingredient to lifelong brain longevity and life satisfaction.
  • By being better informed, you’ll find people seeking you out because you are better informed.
  • With 14 hours of instructional time (actual time of audios, text, drills,etc. if only done once), you’ll have the most in-depth instruction outside of a classroom, so much more than what you get from a book.
  • You’ll learn not only the mechanics of rapid reading, but also an exclusive approach to comprehension that will enable you to actually know how much you know about anything you read. If you’ve done your research, you’ll discover that no program covers the comprehension process like we do.
  • We’ll sort out the myths from truths about memory and recall, giving you the ability to recall anything you want to remember from your reading long term, as opposed to last minute cramming.
  • Using the “4 Key Concepts of Supersonic Reading” you’ll be able to read most texts in the thousands of words per minute range, with good comprehension.
  • 14 Speed and Comprehension tests will enable you see your growth, giving you confidence during your transition, that your skills are working, and you’re not just mechanically flying through the text.

Unlock the marvels of your Whole Brain’s Power to:

Master the Information in the Digital Age.

It’s not about how fast your eyes move – It’s How Fast Your Mind Can Use the Information!

Accelerate Your Brain’s capacity to use proven methodologies that take you way beyond speed reading.

Yes, you will learn to read fast, But you’ll learn how to comprehend, and recall the needed information.

What makes the difference?

* You have personalized one to one instruction, and small group.
* You’ll assess your current reading speeds in a variety of materials
* You’ll respond to our assessment of 15 specific attributes that indicates gaps in reading and information processing skills.
* Your specific plan will be developed
* Meet in 1 hour intervals through Webex, phone, email, etc.
* You will do various applications between sessions
* Your coach will respond to your needs
Learn to Drive Your Brain/Mind to an Accelerated level.
* Techniques for Efficient Eye/Mind Processing
* How to Develop Your “Accelerated State” for top performance in big jobs, or a string of little ones
* Specific brain perception shifting tactics for better comprehension of different types of reading.
* Cognitive organizing strategies for better recall and synthesis of useful info.
Accelerated Reading Strategies:
* Move through text 2-20 times faster
* Mind Activation Techniques for faster comprehension (You won’t learn this from anywhere, or anyone else!)
* Know how to go in, get what you want, and get out to something else in a fraction of time
* Learn the Secrets of Comprehension at High Speeds.
* Know how to master any type of information – especially if you need to digest large amounts of information that needs to be implemented, spoken about as an expert, or especially tested on!
* Learn and apply the secrets of Master Rapid Learners!
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Enrollment at $197 includes:
1 Subscription – The Dynamic Speed Reading Masters Online Program (10 Modules available anytime online to teach and enhance your skills with audios, videos, and lots of exercises to train your brain. Includes Personal one-to-one coaching!) $245 Value PLUS:
Bonus 1 – 115 Page Workbook – $29 Value Your pinted pdf resource long after trainings to insure your long-term mastery.
Bonus 2 – Follow-Up Audio Program – Contains helpful information on extending your skills, practice drills, and includes a 45 minute practice “study session” that will guide you through our study method and quiet your mind with its soothing background music. $29.95 Value
Bonus 3 – The Power of Concentration, by Theron Q. Dumont, E-book A 138 page e-book that makes a terrific practice book chock full of great information and techniques on how to concentrate. $29.95 Value
Bonus 4 – Personalized Coaching – Get feedback and advice from a skilled expert teacher by telephone, email, and live online meeting through our Webex Virtual Classroom. $150/ Hour Real Value
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