Are You Overwhelmed and Feel Stuck in Your Career? Develop these 7 Cardinal Virtues of Highly Productive and Effective Workers and Leaders

Today’s workplace environment is often so dynamic and fast moving that workplace studies indicate in a recent Gallup poll that over 70% of workers are disengaged. “Disengaged” means going through the motions to perform the minimum in order to keep one’s job, while high performance of achieving real results is elusive. Motivation to achieve is […]

Which of These 7 Deadly Sins of Productivity Are You Committing?

My dad used to say. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I hated hearing that saying. However, it made great sense. Its wisdom was in the fact that I may have intended good things, but my behavior worked against those intentions. In your work, or in your life, I’m sure that you […]

Are You Prepared for the Rebounding Economy? 10 Essential Skills You Need to Get Ahead and Thrive for Job and Career Success

A few weeks ago I was reading some articles and data on how the economy is moving forward. One of the key points was how the next stage of recovery would effect  the types of jobs opening up soon. Although the jobless rate is down, the quality of the jobs generated has decreased. There are […]

Secrets of Successful Habits

How long have you been reading? How long have you been reading the way you currently read? When you read do you think about your reading behavior? Probably not! Over the years you have developed a set of unconscious behaviors that don’t serve you well in this overloaded info rich digital age. Unfortunately when people want to […]

Want to Get Control of the Mind Wandering Beast? Here’s How

One of the biggest complaints I get working with new learners is complaints about mind wandering. Although there are numerous tactics that you can use for reading, here’s a brief, funny video which covers the basics. Please comment and share! Also, let me know what you think of the book. The Colbert Report Get More: […]

Speed Reading Tips: “EZ Peazy” – Using the 2 Minute Rule

Here’s a great hack to help you get important things done. Check out the Section on “the Physics of Life.” Click Here    

Speed Reading Tips: What Do Hackers and Time Management Have to Do with Speed Reading?

The term “hack” has been used in recent years to refer to a short cut, or more efficient way of doing things. From time to time I will continue to post reading hacks that can help you with both your speed and comprehension, as well as being tactics for more efficient reading. Today’s reading hack […]

Speed Reading Tips: Supersonic Readers Use 4 Key Concepts and Skills to Read Super Fast

In the last 4 posts I have described 4 Key Concepts and naturally occurring skills that super fast readers apply in order to read faster than the 600 wpm threshold of traditional linear reading. This post summarizes and illustrates graphically these important keys to help you remember and encourage you to apply to your reading practice.