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Do You Know Anyone Like Cal?

Cal is like most people. Marcia used to be like Cal. Who are you most like?         Click for More Information

Secrets of Successful Habits

How long have you been reading? How long have you been reading the way you currently read? When you read do you think about your reading behavior? Probably not! Over the years you have developed a set of unconscious behaviors that don’t serve you well in this overloaded info rich digital age. Unfortunately when people want to […]

Want to Get Control of the Mind Wandering Beast? Here’s How

One of the biggest complaints I get working with new learners is complaints about mind wandering. Although there are numerous tactics that you can use for reading, here’s a brief, funny video which covers the basics. Please comment and share! Also, let me know what you think of the book. The Colbert Report Get More: […]

Why Most People Fail The Resolutions vs New Habits Tug of War

Previously I have written about the futility of New Years Resolutions. By the time you read this, 87% of the resolutions that were made for New years, are already broken. Resolutions have no staying power! The only way to make significant changes in your life is to create a system of goal setting and attainment […]

Who Says Your Brain Can’t Decode Scrambled Text?

Can you meet this challenge? We tend to think our brain has to see everything in a logical sequence in order to be able to understand and comprehend. Here’s an example of how our mind can decipher in a way that breaks our common understanding that applies to reading rapidly. Here’s a hint to reading this […]