Speed Reading Tips: For Super Fast Reading Focus on Meanings, not Grammar

I’ve noticed that new students to speed reading often meet speed plateaus when developing their skills. The first speed plateau appears at around 500-600 words per minute (wpm). Here’s a tip on how to move beyond that.

Speed Reading Tips: 3 Mind Traps That Will Hold You Back From Your Speed Reading Success

Whether you are beginning your search for a program that can actually help you achieve speed reading success, or, whether you have already tried and failed to master speed reading, you should know that it all starts with examining your mind. Your mind is the place where reading takes place. Yet the mind is filled […]

Speed Reading Tips: How to Overcome Your Mind Wandering

What good is it to spend time reading, when reading “speedily” or not, if after your eyes have moved through the material, you discover you have not comprehended the material simply because your mind has decided to take a vacation? The “always-on” electronic information rich and interconnected culture we live in, challenges  our ability to […]

Speed Reading Tips: Avoid the Trap of Focusing on “Eye-Span”

When learning to speed read, the saying that a little information can be a dangerous thing still applies. Consider the term “eye-span.” Even though I’ve been teaching people from all walks of life how to speed read for 30 years, I have only recently received many questions about it. For new learners coming into my […]

Is Your Brain Being Re-wired Without Your Approval?

A colleague of mine, Robert Tanner, just published an article that has great relevance for everyone in this Digital Information Age which inevitably creates overload for us. Go to Conquering the Email Burden The Naomi Tran reference is true for highly efficient readers. Unfortunately most people still approach their information without changing the strategy and […]

Brain Fitness: What the Guy Who Wrote the Bible Does to Keep His Brain Fit

You might be amazed to learn what simple steps you can take to keep your brain fit for life. Of course there are a variety of brain exercises, which are discussed here, but the guru who literally wrote the “Memory Bible” does 3 additional things. Here’s the link. And please remember, add your comments below. […]

Speed Reading Tips: Where Is Your Mind While You Read?

Speed reading is a vastly popular keyword internet search term with several million searches per month. Many people want to discover how to do this vital information management skill today. However, before someone learns to speed read, it might be helpful to take a step back and observe something that is taken for granted. When […]

Speed Reading Tips: Going Beyond Individual Words to Comprehension

In many studies of the reading process and the nature of linguistics, it has been established that the reader knows well over 90 percent of the words. It is therefore unnecessary to have to pronounce each of the words to oneself as you have already learned them. Before comprehension can be understood we must understand […]