Are You Prepared for the Rebounding Economy? 10 Essential Skills You Need to Get Ahead and Thrive for Job and Career Success

A few weeks ago I was reading some articles and data on how the economy is moving forward. One of the key points was how the next stage of recovery would effect  the types of jobs opening up soon. Although the jobless rate is down, the quality of the jobs generated has decreased. There are […]

Habits – How Long Can You Stay Awake?

  Have you ever noticed how easy it is to perform certain everyday functions without much effort? For example, when you wake up in the morning, you might dreamingly find yourself in the bathroom and discover your teeth are almost finished being brushed before you actually become aware of it! Suddenly you wake up to […]

Secrets of Successful Habits

How long have you been reading? How long have you been reading the way you currently read? When you read do you think about your reading behavior? Probably not! Over the years you have developed a set of unconscious behaviors that don’t serve you well in this overloaded info rich digital age. Unfortunately when people want to […]

9 Keys to Secure Your Earning Future, Avoid Becoming Obsolete and Burning Out

Have you witnessed a monumental shift in what is expected for you to succeed in your job/career and life compared to ten years ago? The line between job and personal life has become more blurred. With the recent economic chaos and tight job market all workers and business people are constantly complaining that there is […]

Virtually Closing the Learning Gap on Your Learning Potential

If you’re reading this, then somewhere in your mind you desire to read, learn, and remember more efficiently than you currently do. Somewhere inside you, you know that it is possible to read, learn, and remember much more quickly than your current rates. Unfortunately, up until now accomplishing that has merely been a wistful dream […]

Speed Reading Tips: Supersonic Readers Use 4 Key Concepts and Skills to Read Super Fast

In the last 4 posts I have described 4 Key Concepts and naturally occurring skills that super fast readers apply in order to read faster than the 600 wpm threshold of traditional linear reading. This post summarizes and illustrates graphically these important keys to help you remember and encourage you to apply to your reading practice.

Speed Reading Tips: Supersonic Readers Take the Advice of the Sages – Why Not You?

Remember when you were young and went to your favorite swimming hole and couldn’t wait to dive into the water and your parents, or other adult would tell you to look before you dive in? Or, have you ever ventured out on a long road trip, did you first look at a map? Or, do […]

Speed Reading Tips: Reading Super Fast Means Accepting the Meaning Visually

(This is the second in a series of 5 posts on the keys to supersonic reading – reading at speeds above 600wpm) If we were in a conversation with each other I might say to you, “Can you imagine a pink elephant?” Immediately in your mind you would probably picture this unrealistic image of a […]