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Speed Reading Tips: Supersonic Readers Use 4 Key Concepts and Skills to Read Super Fast

In the last 4 posts I have described 4 Key Concepts and naturally occurring skills that super fast readers apply in order to read faster than the 600 wpm threshold of traditional linear reading. This post summarizes and illustrates graphically these important keys to help you remember and encourage you to apply to your reading practice.

Speed Reading Tips: Supersonic Readers Take the Advice of the Sages – Why Not You?

Remember when you were young and went to your favorite swimming hole and couldn’t wait to dive into the water and your parents, or other adult would tell you to look before you dive in? Or, have you ever ventured out on a long road trip, did you first look at a map? Or, do […]

Speed Reading Tips: To Read Supersonically Use Your Natural Sight Experience

In this 3rd part of the series “How to Read Supersonically,” or reading above 600 words per minute (wpm), we’ll be exploring the use of the eyes, or the mechanics of reading. If you are to be able to read and understand at rates above 600 wpm, then learning to use your eyes more fluidly […]

Speed Reading Tips: Reading Super Fast Means Accepting the Meaning Visually

(This is the second in a series of 5 posts on the keys to supersonic reading – reading at speeds above 600wpm) If we were in a conversation with each other I might say to you, “Can you imagine a pink elephant?” Immediately in your mind you would probably picture this unrealistic image of a […]

Speed Reading Tips: For Super Fast Reading Focus on Meanings, not Grammar

I’ve noticed that new students to speed reading often meet speed plateaus when developing their skills. The first speed plateau appears at around 500-600 words per minute (wpm). Here’s a tip on how to move beyond that.

Unlocking the Mystery of Mastery Learning

Are you fascinated by the differences of what constitutes a “successful mastery” of learning a set of skills compared to mediocre or unsuccessful learning? Having been a personal peak performance teacher and coach of brain enhancement for many years, my mind has been dogged by the quest to insure all my learners’ success. Having experienced […]

Speed Reading Tips: 3 Mind Traps That Will Hold You Back From Your Speed Reading Success

Whether you are beginning your search for a program that can actually help you achieve speed reading success, or, whether you have already tried and failed to master speed reading, you should know that it all starts with examining your mind. Your mind is the place where reading takes place. Yet the mind is filled […]

Speed Reading Tips: How to Overcome Your Mind Wandering

What good is it to spend time reading, when reading “speedily” or not, if after your eyes have moved through the material, you discover you have not comprehended the material simply because your mind has decided to take a vacation? The “always-on” electronic information rich and interconnected culture we live in, challenges  our ability to […]