Secrets of Successful Habits


How long have you been reading?

How long have you been reading the way you currently read?

When you read do you think about your reading behavior? Probably not!

Over the years you have developed a set of unconscious behaviors that don’t serve you well in this overloaded info rich digital age.

Unfortunately when people want to learn to read faster and better, they think of “speed reading.” Most speed reading programs merely hurry up what you already do. As a result little is actually accomplished in terms of results and real significant change in more efficient, effective reading skills.

The key to mastering your information overload and ineffective reading habits is simple, but hard. It’s a matter of creating new habits.

New habits, especially complex ones like reading efficiently are both simple and hard simultaneously. The new behaviors may not be that difficult with proper practice and guidance.

But habits take time to take hold as new skills. That’s where most people fail.

Here’s an interesting article focusing on creating the exercise habit. Although written towards a completely different topic than efficient, effective reading, it nearly completely describes what it takes to create new reading habits.

Let me know what your experiences have been in creating new habits – the good, the bad, and the ugly! Please post below and share. Click Image to see article.



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