How to Tame The Email Beast

Email: Who wants more? Probably not most people. Research shows that in the workplace, email consumes a major portion of the day’s work. Unfortunately most of that time is not even dealing with essential email that can actually help productivity. It is very much a time waster in most circumstances.

Email is passé – A major complaint I hear from my corporate clients is that the new generation of workers are tending to not respond to email and are creating a major war of generations in the workplace. They prefer texting, or social media. So corporate giants are trying to huddle their workers into a unified system for internal communications.

Thus the “killer app” of the ’90s and early 21st century is facing a complex challenge. Either you are totally overwhelmed and exhausted from too much email, or the emails get mostly ignored, mis-read, or forgotten.

I’ve been studying a variety of ways to tame the email beast. Getting about 200-300 emails each day, I continuously look for ways to keep this so-called productivity tool under control. Somewhere over the last decade email has morphed from being a productivity tool to becoming a time-wasting productivity killer. Here’s a great idea to return it to its productivity roots.

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