Why Most People Fail The Resolutions vs New Habits Tug of War

Previously I have written about the futility of New Years Resolutions. By the time you read this, 87% of the resolutions that were made for New years, are already broken.

Resolutions have no staying power!

The only way to make significant changes in your life is to create a system of goal setting and attainment for yourself. With the outcome (result) you desire having been defined specifically in as much concrete detail as possible, you are painting a picture in your mind which is fuel for goal attainment. This serves as the motivation (reward) for taking on new behaviors that lead to positive results for ourselves.

Here’s an article that addresses this issue: (click on Image)

Habit Article optim


  1. Lance says:

    Hey Ed, my resolutions have failed in the past due to SEVERE PROCRASTINATION!
    That is, until I read something recently, as a part of my Catholic Faith, that it was SINFUL, not to FULFILL MY DUTIES AND OBLIGATIONS!
    I’ve also learned, that perform #1- Stage A Mental Dress Rehearsal, #2- Address The Most Urgent Need First, #3- Listen To What You And Others Say The Needs Are,
    #4- Know When To Take A Breather
    #5- Block Out Anything Unnecessary.

    Note- The Above, excerpted from “Life Lessons/Expertise”,

    Ed, while this doesn’t necessarily address “Keeping Resolutions”, but has helped me get to better understand why Resokutions must be kept.
    Oh, as far as my RC Faith is concerned- I recently recommitted to it and that nailed it for me.
    Thanks Ed!

    • Ed Caldwell says:

      Thanks Lance! Yes, procrastination is a big mental habit which occurs when we go unconscious and don’t choose to live consciously – we let life carry us on without acting on our priorities. Our priorities are the outcomes we choose to act on. The first step is to recognize when we’re procrastinating rather than act on the outcomes we state. Most often this happens because we have not clarified the outcome (goal) that we truly want. It is stated too broadly leading us to not take the specific actions that will help us attain the real change we seek.

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