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Ed Caldwell.

Unlocking the Mystery of Mastery Learning

Are you fascinated by the differences of what constitutes a “successful mastery” of learning a set of skills compared to mediocre or unsuccessful learning?

Having been a personal peak performance teacher and coach of brain enhancement for many years, my mind has been dogged by the quest to insure all my learners’ success. Having experienced the privilege of working with tens of thousands of learners over the years, intuitively I have discerned the difference.

Is it the natural intelligence of the learner?

Is it in-born talent of the individual? No. Interestingly, the opposite is true.

But I’ll give you a hint. This hint flies in the face of today’s natural tendencies of constantly changing focus. The temptations to “move-on” in spite of our initial desire to master something is at the root of mediocrity and failure.

Here is a video of Dr Angela Duckworth addressing this question from a researched based approach.

After viewing, please reflect and consider its meaning for you and your pursuit of success in learning anything that is challenging.

Then please comment below.