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Is Your Brain Being Re-wired Without Your Approval?

A colleague of mine, Robert Tanner, just published an article that has great relevance
for everyone in this Digital Information Age which inevitably creates overload for us.

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The Naomi Tran reference is true for highly efficient readers. Unfortunately most people still approach their information without changing the strategy and tactics they learned as grade-schoolers, thus they fall behind!

As Nicholas Carr notes in his latest books and articles, the digital age has caused many to change their behaviors in dealing with information overload. Neuro-scientists are beginning to investigate the emergence of the possibility. But Carr’s writing casues us to take a pause and think about the long term implications.

I think you’re Robert is correct about his conclusion that time is money and then describing the catch-22 that organizations face regarding the re-training of their people. Retraining for mastery of information overload does require hands-on training (or in this case re-training) of the brain. But how do organizations provide for that time “away from work?”

These challenges go way beyond the email overload. They require us to learn to read,
think, and remember in new ways. In order to conquer Information Overload, we need
to properly train our brain to meet the challenge.

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Ed Caldwell.

Brain Fitness: What the Guy Who Wrote the Bible Does to Keep His Brain Fit

You might be amazed to learn what simple steps you can take to keep
your brain fit for life. Of course there are a variety of brain exercises,
which are discussed here, but the guru who literally wrote the “Memory
Bible” does 3 additional things.

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